Data Review and Validation

Service Description

You already have reams and stacks of test data. It is just as important to know how valid and defensible that data is.

Through years of experience, Gossman Consulting, Inc. has come to know that just because testing meets established QA/QC criteria does not automatically mean that that data necessarily represents true values. GCI is aware of test methods approved and required by government agencies which in fact give false values even when performed to the highest degree of accuracy and precision of the method. In some cases, this situation occurs because the regulatory agency has mistakenly applied methods to applications and matrices for which they were never truly validated.

GCI personnel have many years of study, training and experience with the practical application of data quality reviews, including providing expert witness testimony on testing and test data. Our personnel are experienced at taking valid test and operational data and performing mass balance calculations on process systems, thus supporting an understanding of the processes so that you can confidently undertake operational or environmental improvements.

This area of sound scientific understanding meeting practical application is where GCI can provide some of the most beneficial services. GCI has the background and experience to review routine QA/QC activities and the experience to ensure strong practical validations. You have important questions about test data: is it valid? does it meet the need? what can it tell us? GCI can provide your solutions to these questions.


David Gossman

Sue Gossman

Qualification Statements

David Gossman, and Susan Gossman

Relevant Publications

GCI has prepared a number of papers relevant to data review and validation. (If a link to a paper title is not yet available please e-mail with your fax number for a copy.)

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