Technical Assistance to the Chemical Process Industry

Service Description

Gossman Consulting, Inc.'s staff has considerable experience with chemicals and chemical processes. Indeed, providing assistance to the hazardous waste management industry has given us an experience in hazardous chemicals rarely seen in chemical process industry consultants. Managing a hazardous waste facility is a sure certain way to learn how to safely manage hundreds of different chemicals and that was in just the first month or two of operation.

As part of managing this large number of varying wastes, GCI's professionals have had to learn a vast amount about chemical processing. Not because the wastes need a lot of processing, but because we need to know what chemical processes lead to the waste we are to manage. For example: What chemicals are present due to side reactions or more likely incomplete reactions. Such knowledge is important in safely managing and utilizing the wastes. Unlike chemical plants that have a limited number of chemicals with well documented interactions, hazardous waste management facilities must be concerned with the interaction of chemicals that would never be blended commercially. Because of this, GCI has a perspective and a breadth of experience that the chemical industry may find quite useful.

GCI has performed "Hazops", facility inspections to demonstrate compliance to the regulations and to satisfy insurance underwriters' concerns, reviewed and prepared operational and training plans. Or perhaps you need someone to oversee your on-site and off-site chemical disposal, or perform accident investigations and provide expert witness testimony. If you need to consolidate or manage a lot of data we can help you there as well. Plus we can do this through legal council, a decided advantage over the use of in-house technical staff. Browse our site, read through our qualifications then give us a call. We can help.


GCI has experience in providing assistance to industries that must meet rigorous emissions, opertional and emissions standards. Please contact David Gossman at (563) 652-2822 for additional details.

Qualification Statements

David Gossman, and Susan Gossman

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If you have questions or wish to set up a meeting please contact David Gossman at (563) 652-2822 or via e-mail.
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