QA/QC Program Development

Service Description

Gossman Consulting, Inc. provides solutions to your difficulties with data quality assurance and quality control. GCI staff members have conducted many facility audits specifically to determine problems associated with QA/QC concerns. A technical and experienced staff can review your existing QA/QC programs to solve known problems or determine unknown deficiencies and provide remedies. An operation plan should contain standard operating procedures which define the specific steps that should be taken to ensure quality results. Your plans may cover many operational activities such as certain analytical steps to document product quality or to calibrate environmental control equipment. Whatever the purpose, they should be supported by strong QA/QC. The GCI staff can also develop a QA/QC program from scratch to meet the needs that the specific situation requires. GCI staff members have experience developing many operation plans both while they were in operations and when they have consulted with other companies.

GCI has the proven experience to solve all types of QA/QC data problems with such programs as, environmental field sampling and analysis, analytical laboratory sample preparation, analysis and reporting, process data reporting, stack testing and reporting, CEM operations and testing, new regulation evaluations, and litigation or expert witness testimony. The experience is proven based on the many successful and approved operations plans, that include QA/QC, currently in use that GCI personnel have developed, implemented or contributed oversight to. The experience is also proven by a large number of successful regulatory reviews and expert witness testimonies that GCI has provided to clients and that included QA/QC evaluations.


David Gossman

Sue Gossman

Qualification Statements

David Gossman, and Susan Gossman

Relevant Publications

GCI has prepared a number of papers relevant to quality assurance and quality control. (If a link to a paper title is not yet available please e-mail with your fax number for a copy.)

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