Cement Process Troubleshooting

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Gossman Consulting, Inc. provides cement process troubleshooting assistance. Other consultants may tell you: “What you need to figure out your problem is an examination from a fresh perspective.” But let’s be realistic. Most problems are solved by people who have a whole lot of, usually widely varied, experience. Assisting our clients in dealing with the operational, regulatory and analytical problems that using alternate materials has created for them over the years, has given GCI a depth of understanding of the cement process few other companies can match.

Are your dioxin emissions higher than you would like? Give us a call and we can assist you in determining the cause and formulating a cure.

Is your product quality more variable then it should be? Perhaps we can help. GCI’s understanding of cement chemistry, particularly trace elements which can give clues to what is happening in your process, may allow us to pinpoint your problem.


Gossman Consulting, Inc. professionals have been assisting cement plants in using alternate materials since the 80’s. But the biggest challenge for us, and our clients, has been conducting emissions testing at the “edge of the operating envelope”. Executing these extreme tests in fewer days with no failures certainly demonstrates our understanding of the cement process and the rapport we can establish with the operations people. Clearly these same skills can be put to assisting you in troubleshooting your process. If you have questions please contact us at (563) 652-2822 or send an e-mail.

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If you have questions or wish to set up a meeting please contact David Gossman at (563) 652-2822 or via e-mail.
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