Regulatory Review and Commenting

Service Description

Gossman Consulting Inc. (GCI) performs extensive reviews and prepares comments on draft regulations and other technical/policy documents made available by the government for public comment. In recent years GCI has assisted our clients in preparing comments on draft hazardous waste regulations, EPA guidance documents and various EPA studies including those on dioxins.


David Gossman

Qualification Statements

David Gossman, and Susan Gossman

Relevant Publications

GCI has prepared a number of papers commenting on EPA draft regulations. Although portions of these comments may have been prepared on behalf of a client, the comments presented in these papers are GCI's. In many cases the tone reflects GCI's unique position outside of industry thus allowing us to make statements or present materials that might not be appropriate as part of a comment coming from industry. GCI prepares comments on behalf of our clients that represent the client's position with a tone representative of the desires of our client's.

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