Technical Assistance to the Secondary Aluminum Smelter Industry

Service Description

Gossman Consulting, Inc. provides technical assistance to industries complying with the MACT regulations. In the Secondary Aluminum Production MACT rule [Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 57 / 15699/ Thursday, March 23, 2000 / Rules and Regulations], EPA feels that dioxin formation for secondary aluminum smelters is strongly influenced by the temperature at the fabric filter inlet. EPA is also of the opinion that temperature control is the means of preventing Dioxin/Furan (D/F) formation (and enhancing HCl removal) in the fabric filter. In addition, EPA has determined that temperature should be monitored to ensure continuous compliance between periodic performance tests because it is an indicator of control device performance for D/F and HCl emissions. Gossman Consulting, Inc. (GCI) has been working with MACT compliance issues, combustion, and dioxin control for many years and this experience places GCI in a unique position of assisting with these compliance issues.

More importantly, GCI has worked with spent pot liner and aluminum smelting waste in terms of various methods of recycling, including the use of the cement manufacturing process. GCI is an operationally oriented company with extensive combustion experience, and has investigated the aluminum smelting process as part of the cement combustion and disposal process. It is essential that cement manufacturers analyze everything going into their process not only from a regulatory standpoint but also from a process control standpoint. This is where GCI has developed experience relevant to secondary aluminum smelting (D/F) related issues.


GCI has experience in providing this assistance to industries required to meet MACT PCDD/PCDF emissions requirements. Please contact David Gossman at (563) 652-2822 for additional details.

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