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Gossman Consulting, Inc. provides analytical laboratory design and development expertise to their customers. GCI personnel began designing analytical laboratories in 1980 and that has continued to the present, with the latest design in 1997 for a laboratory in Santiago, Chile. GCI has designed and overseen the building of a number of laboratories for international clients in addition to many our personnel have designed and built in the United States. In general, the laboratories that have been designed are for industrial production facilities rather than for other applications such as pure research or medical testing. In production labs, the development and design must take into account the needs for timely and accurate information with which to make production decisions. Yet, the testing must be cost effective. Additionally, most of the labs provide environmental and regulatory compliance test data as well as the production data. The laboratories that GCI personnel have designed usually are capable of a wide range of analytical tests including the capability to conduct organic, inorganic, and physical testing. However, small specific lab designs have been developed, in particular for small or start-up production facilities. GCI's design solutions meet the situation without over designing. Designs incorporate attention to practical and regulatory safety requirements. Typically laboratories contain hazardous materials and in some cases hazardous equipment therefore safety can not be a secondary consideration. The labs are also designed for efficiency of technicain movement and efficiency of multiple or complicated analytical steps. All factors from safety to efficiency are included in the design development to ensure that resources are not wasted in operation of the lab. The GCI staff personnel primarily involved in the design work have had many years of actual laboratory experience in positions as technicians, chemists, administrators and managers. In many cases they designed or helped design the laboratories that they worked in.

GCI personnel are also very experienced at specifying and assisting in procurement of the instrumentation and equipment necessary for a lab's specific application. Obtaining the right equipment for the task and knowledge of the different instrument and equipment available will lead to better choices of equipment and a better functioning laboratory. Administrative requirements of a laboratory must also be factored into design and development. The enormous amount of analysis data, the need to document the QA/QC, create reports and store the information pose similar but somewhat different challenges to the design and equipping of a lab's administrative function. Again, GCI personnel have designed and developed laboratory systems which very effectively take these needs into consideration. GCI, when required, designs a lab administrative area to allow hardware and software to link the analysis to administrative functions such as data storage, QA/QC, and invoicing. Practical and cost effective solutions are very much a part of GCI's designs.

The following sketch is a simple example of a specific production laboratory designed to analyze incoming shipments of material into a recycling facility. Also, this lab provides production quality control and quality assurance testing on the materials during processing, and final product quality analysis.


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David Gossman, and Susan Gossman

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GCI has prepared a number of papers relevant to laboratory design and development. (If a link to a paper title is not yet available please e-mail with your fax number for a copy.)

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